We carry out design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, such as, roads, bridges, drainage, canals, buildings and more.

In construction, we apply sustainable techniques that help minimise environmental impact of our work. Viv Limited leads the way when it comes to sustainability and progressive engineering.

Our forward thinking work approach, capability and good community relations has earned us a reputation for taking on construction projects in some of Nigeria most demanding environment, like the ecologically sensitive rain forest of the Niger Delta to the Sahel regions of Northern Nigeria.


We design and maintain equipment and components for clients.

Our expertise in industry leading software, knowledge of industry codes, and experience in stress and fatigue analysis enables us to provide top-notch service to clients. Our know-how and capability enables us to serve as an effective resource in large scale oil and gas or construction projects as well as small scale maintenance of plants and equipment.

Our engineers always relish the opportunity to develop innovative solution for clients.


Our clients are faced with the ever evolving needs in the oil and gas industry to meet new political, economic and environmental challenges. So we ensure that we work with clients to utilise methodologies that takes advantage of the latest technology to profitably design, construct and maintain pipelines.

We take on diverse array of pipeline construction projects and apply sustainable techniques that minimise impacts in host communities, and our good community relations limit confrontation incidents and builds trust with our host communities.

With our resource and capabilities, we are able to offer a full service spectrum from design and construction of oil and gas pipelines, to the maintenance and optimisation of pipelines.


We offer a broad range of engineering and management consultancy service to clients.

Our service includes design and supervision of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and pipeline works. We also offer consultancy service to clients for Nigeria local content requirements, data warehousing, community relations and general contracting.

Our people work in collaboration with clients, government departments and stakeholders to design solutions that are fit for purpose and offers good value for money.